Know How Addiction Keeps You from your best life

Life begins when addiction ends: Know how addiction keeps you from your best life

Restricting access of drugs to addicts is similar to pressing a spring. Once you leave it, it might bounce back harder.

Alcohol rehabilitation centres in India saw a substantial amount of addicts using this lockdown to optimize it as a de-addiction opportunity.

However, the fact that those who didn’t succeed might end up consuming more cannot be ignored.

Also, now the spectrum of consumers may increase too due to the consequences of lockdown. Anxiety and stress are at its peak amongst people and it might compel them to resort to drug use as an escape. Domestic violence has also increased, doubling the drug crisis.

It is about time we realise that taking a drug will only make us more vulnerable.

Before you get addicted to alcohol and drugs read this to know how it can be a roadblock to your way to a better and “normal” lifestyle!

Hampered routine

If you spend the majority of your time in consuming alcohol and drugs, chances are that you will face it’s after effect for a long time in the day. It is not just about the time you waste consuming it, but also the time that is spent in its hangover. You miss out on your everyday activities, job, family, relationships and also the time you would have given to yourself while reading or exercising.

Shady Appearance

When you are in ignorance of everything you tend to dismiss how you look. Your clothes are worn out, eyes are always bloodshot red, dark circles, wrinkled face, unkempt hair; these are your everyday looks. Not only it does scar your skin forever but also make you the one “out” of the group.  Other red flags include tooth decay, significant weight loss, pale skin, hair loss, and the presence of sores that won’t heal.

Reduced Life expectancy

Many of the drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai and other researches show that consuming a high dose of drugs and alcohol for a prolonged period of time can reduce life expectancy from 10 to 15 years. It also affects the immunity that makes you weaker to fight with diseases. Aging symptoms and deteriorated health are common signs.

Unresolved Anger issues

Agitated and irritated feelings all the time make you difficult to control your anger issues. Research carried out in rehab centres in India shows that drinking alcohol increases aggression. Anger is a contributing factor in approximately half of all violent crimes committed. It also leads to our last point which is high blood pressure. When gone beyond limits, these anger issues will have to be treated in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

High Blood pressure risking your heart

High blood pressure (hypertension) can quietly damage your body for years before symptoms develop. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to disability, poor quality of life, or even a fatal heart attack or stroke. Sometimes blood pressure rises so quickly and severely that it becomes a medical emergency requiring immediate treatment, often with hospitalization.

Before these lifestyle roadblocks damage your road to recovery, reach out to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Mumbai. Sunshine wellness centre in Mumbai is counted in leading rehab centres in India that you help you in the systematic de-addiction process! Visit Sunshine wellness centre now!

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