If you or someone you know is suffering from the ill-effects of drug addiction, you have reached the right place. Sunshine Wellness Centre is the most trusted and respected drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. We rehabilitate our patients with care and compassion along with the medical and psychological treatment required to recover from the effects of addiction. People from all over India find relief and treatment for their addiction problems with our effective and evidence-based treatment methodologies.

Drug addiction is the most dangerous problem affecting humanity in today’s fast paced world. Initially it was restricted to individuals of extremely affluent families and party culture. However, it has quickly spread to all strata of humanity. Drug addiction is rampant even in college students aged 16 to 18 years who, nowadays, have early access to money due to jobs offered by BPOs and call centres. Also, apart from plant-based drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or brown sugar, a new genre of synthetically manufactured drugs has invaded the streets. These drugs are more deadly and capable of destroying the body much faster.

A huge number of people have started consuming these harmful drugs while attending the discotheques, rave parties, or through company of the addicted people. Keeping in mind the growing number of drugs and alcohol addiction cases, the government has started several drug addiction rehabilitation centres in India. These drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres continuously study and analyse the best approaches for drug rehabilitation and apply the learnings to develop unique methodologies to tackle this rampant issue. If you are suffering from the ill effects of drug usage, you must approach a rehab centre at the earliest. Many people have been able to bring their life back on track after taking effective treatment at these drug rehabilitation centres.

Ill Effects of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic dependence on a drug substance such that the person finds it impossible to do anything if the drug is not taken. It is the worst nightmare of any person’s life as well as of their family. Individuals suffering from addiction are not aware of their behaviour and it leads to problems and embarrassing situations for them as well as others. Drug abuse is a disorder directly influenced by biological, social, environmental and psychological factors. It impairs the thinking capacity of the person by damaging the areas of brain related to motivation memory, impulse control and judgement. With increased tolerance to the drug substance comes increased craving. This kind of drug abusers require the support of an expert from a rehab centre.

Survey indicates that India records around ten drugs and alcohol addiction related suicides every day. This is because drugs alter the thinking pattern of drug addicts which is why the feelings and emotions the addict get distorted leading to suicidal thoughts. With increasing stresses, addictions of drugs, smoking, alcohol, and even of prescribed medications have increased tenfold. It’s a vicious cycle, that is, stress leads to addictions and addictions lead to strained personal and professional relationships. Drug dependency makes it difficult for the addict to focus on work and also causes several health issues. It even messes up the finances of the person that eventually disrupts the family life. So, if you have someone in your family who is addicted to drugs and alcohol, you must seek treatment for these addictions from any of the world class drug addiction treatment centres in India.

How Drug Rehabilitation helps?

Drug addiction is a chronic powerful problem which makes a person lose control over oneself. It is a complicated issue that affects addicts in a variety of ways.

While some can lead a controlled and responsible life while using the drug substance, majority of people become vulnerable and dependent on it leading to drug abuse. Eventually they become negligent and irresponsible towards their health and happiness of their family also.

Prolonged usage of drug substances makes cure difficult and painful. It is not possible to handle such individuals single handed. This is when treatment programs of rehabilitation centres can be of great help.

Today, society has evolved and usage of drugs and alcohol has increased and with that the tendency to addiction has also crossed all boundaries. To ensure that humanity does not succumb to these deadly substances, drug rehabilitation has become inevitable.

No matter how intense the addiction and at whatever physical or psychological stage the problem may be, it is never too late to undergo drug rehabilitation treatment programs.

Despite of being aware of the deadly effects of these drug substances, people continue to consume them. Drugs and alcohol addictions are often underestimated as mere physical dependence on the substances.

This is why patients are usually treated with medications that are nothing but mood-altering substances. Initially the patients may show signs of recovery but eventually over-dependence on these drugs makes them addicted to the medications as well.

Moreover, the body stops reacting to the drugs and may even suffer side-effects at physical and psychological levels. On the contrary, rehabilitation programs are designed to re-introduce the drug addicts to the brighter side of life and make them addiction-free, happy and healthy individuals.

Rehabilitation centres have been set up in every state in India to tackle this ever-growing problem of drug addiction. The rehab centres provide world class treatments that include medication, counseling, behavioral therapy, group therapy and several other types of treatment.

Rehab centres deal with alcohol addictions, drug abuse and even addictions of painkillers or sleeping pills. Treatment duration varies according to the intensity of the addition and the types of substance abuse.

The aim of rehabilitation centres is to get the addicted back to a normal healthy life and bring happiness to their family as well. Hence, if you know someone who is in need of help with drug addiction, you can approach any of the drug addiction rehabilitation centres in India.

Drug Rehabilitation at Sunshine Wellness Centre

Sunshine Wellness Centre stands out distinctly as a renowned drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, India, due to its unique outlook of patients and innovative treatment procedures.

Care is taken to provide adequate facilities and comfort to the patients to make the rehabilitation process smooth for them. Our aim is to reverse the physical and psychological damages to the health of addicts so that they can resume a normal and productive life.

Our patients are individuals of different ages and economic strata including middle aged persons and youngsters fallen prey to this evil addiction. Therefore, each person is examined properly and a thorough diagnosis is conducted to rule out the extent of damage.

Based on the analysis, our experts plan the therapy and treatment regimen for each individual separately. We also follow the 12-step treatment process recommended by WHO for an effective and long-term recovery.

As a first step, the detoxification process is carried out to remove the harmful toxins deposited in the organs of the patient’s body. Systematic cleansing is done with effective cleansing agents for a specific period as required.

This is followed by additional treatment procedures including nutritious diet and health supplements, counseling, meditation and other necessary therapies. Complete physical and psychological assessment is carried out in each stage of treatment under supervision of our expert therapists.

Our team works closely alongside the patients and helps them with their physical, emotional, social, and psychological ailments towards a holistic cure. Being the most trusted drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, we assume responsibility towards our patient’s life and maintain strict confidentiality of the treatment given to them while ensuring complete recovery.

Unlike other drug addiction treatment centres in India, we customise our treatment procedure based on the type of addiction and the duration of consumption of the drug substance. Based on this, a multi-pronged treatment plan is created to bring back all vital parameters of the patient to their normal state.

There are several drug addiction treatment centres in India but Sunshine Wellness Centre is one of a kind because we provide a friendly, comfortable and fun filled environment to our patients to make them relaxed. We try to make our patients feel that their issues are rational and they can trust us to not be judgemental about their problems.

We try to help them identify their distorted cognition and replace them with appropriate thoughts. We understand that emotional bonding is very important to win the trust of our patients and so we ensure complete confidentiality of all information received from patients pertaining to their present condition. Based on the information collected, we try to restore their confidence, human values and inculcate a willingness in them to recover from their addictions.

With our never-ending efforts towards helping humanity and a team of dedicated professionals, we can proudly say that we are one of the most reliable drug addiction rehabilitation centres in India.

We are committed to help the suffering individuals to free them from this deadly trap of drug addiction. So, do not hesitate to call us in need. Allow us to guide you to a healthy and happy future.