To be in harmony with your natural body, you must ensure that your physical and mental wellbeing are wholesome and complete. 


One may argue that the current high paced life has made it difficult always to achieve health goals. But, let us assure you it might be difficult, but it is not impossible. If the equal effort is made on yourself as you make on your work and other aspects of life, the true essence of life can be enjoyed to the fullest.


But if you fall prey to the vicious cycle of addiction, you might make it all the more difficult for yourself to strike the health balance. But what if you have already fallen prey to addiction? Detoxification centres in India can bring about the 360 degrees change you desire to get back your mental peace and happiness.


At Sunshine Wellness Centre, we help you bring this change by pacifying the ill effects of toxins generated in the body due to addictions. 

Ayurveda principles state that we are healthy when our body is free of toxins, the mind is at peace, organs of our body are functioning normally, and body wastes are being eliminated efficiently.


We provide complete and satisfactory answers and solutions to all your problems, which is why we are considered the best detox centres in Mumbai, India.

BEST DETOX CENTRE IN INDIA - Sunshine Wellness Centre


What begins as social manipulation or an “escape from reality” might end up as an addiction? You might begin as a consumer of drug, alcohol, or even prescribed medication. Still, you will definitely end up as an addict who is a substance abuser if you don’t watch your consumption pattern. 

These addictions can eventually become dangerous for the physical and psychological wellbeing of the person. 

Symptoms to understand this pattern at best detox centres in India include: 

  • Fatigue
  • Skin diseases
  • Puffiness under eyes
  • Restlessness
  • Hallucinations
  • Mental confusion
  • Inability to work
  • Menstrual disorders in women
  • Trembling of hands
  • Violence
  • Convulsions

These are some symptoms or impacts that usually every addict faces. These can vary from person to person; therefore, this is not an exhaustive list. Complete detoxification in any of the trusted detoxification centres in Mumbai is the only hope in such cases.

Drugs are parasites. They eat up everything that comes along the way. If you think that by consuming drugs you are only playing with your life, then you’re wrong. The mental and physical consequences of consuming drugs affect your loved ones as much as it affects you. You create a toxic environment with your negativity. The daily conflicts will make life miserable for all concerned people. If not for yourself, decide to quit drugs for your loved ones today. 

As much as modern allopathic medicines might be necessary for immediate relief, natural alternatives such as ayurvedic treatments and yoga meditation are also required for a holistic cure. There are several traditional, tried and tested modes of treatment to recover from addictions.


Detoxification is a comprehensive rehabilitation approach for recovery. A detox program helps to heal a person physiologically and psychologically after and during a long-term addiction.

The underlying cause of reluctance of going on the journey of de-addiction is the withdrawal symptoms. Interestingly, the main aim of detoxification centres in India is to prevent the severe consequences of sudden cessation of usage through stabilization. It is then followed by an extended period of detoxification to help a patient survive the period of withdrawal from drugs or alcohol.

Do you know why drugs are harmful? Majorly it is because harmful toxins start accumulating in the blood-cells, skin and other major organs of the body during and after a long period of alcohol or drug consumption. Eventually, these toxins start affecting the body in a harmful manner leading to severe physical and psychological problems.

This is where the work of detox hits in – that is, flushing out toxins from the body to cleanse the body, blood and organs. This process of detoxification, when undertaken under medical supervision in the best detox centres in India, ensures long-term recovery. The best detox centre in Mumbai – Sunshine Wellness centre provides natural and organic methods of detoxification to bring about a holistic cure.

Detox centres are equipped to provide complete healing experience by combining Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and also a complete wellness regime to help the afflicted individuals undergo the detoxification process comfortably.

No one shoe fits all. Therefore, the best treatment modes are curated through customisation to suit the patient’s needs that are determined by several laboratory tests and other specialized analysis procedures.

Not only in India but now globally, ayurvedic treatments have been trusted to cure rigid diseases and habits. Being the world’s oldest and traditional system of healing, Ayurveda helps patients to revive completely using natural oils, healthy meals and other natural remedies.  

The detox programmes are based on Ayurvedic principles that involve many actions that lead to a comprehensive treatment to bring balance to your mind, body and soul. The best detox centres in India apply these Ayurvedic modes of healing to help the suffering humanity.

Detoxification deals not only with the physical and metabolic problems of addiction but also the psychological troubles. Due to sudden abstinence from alcohol or drugs, the patient may undergo several withdrawal symptoms.

Some common withdrawal symptoms observed during detoxification include sweating, anxiety, muscular pain, running nose, insomnia and agitation. The intensity of the symptoms will depend on several factors, such as:

  • Duration of addiction
  • Combination of alcohol and/or drugs abused
  • Quantity of intake of the drug substance or alcohol
  • Existing physical or mental disorders

We will not deny that the procedure might get a little unsettling for you. You may feel intense cravings initially but you must remember that you will be under the supervision of medical and psychiatric staff who will constantly try to allay your anxiety and make you feel comfortable.

At most of the reliable centres, the period of detoxification will continue as long as the withdrawal symptoms persist and till the patient’s physical and psychological condition stabilizes. At times, administering antidepressant or antipsychotic medications might be required to manage concurrent issues of depression or a mental health disorder.

The goal of detoxification centres in India is to safely stop the abuse of addictive substances and support the patient during withdrawal symptoms. A significant point to be noted is that you will not be admitted for the procedure without any prior warnings. You will be prepared mentally and physically for the entire therapy process through proper counselling. The detoxification centres in Mumbai, India, are well equipped to handle even the most extreme cases of addiction while ensuring complete recovery.

Get Detoxification Treatment at Sunshine Wellness Centre 

Sunshine Wellness Centre is one of the most-popular rehabilitation & detoxification centres in Mumbai and known all over India.   

Why Choose Us? 

  • Complete recovery of the afflicted community 
  • Individualistic and personalized treatment approach 
  • Complete detoxification through evidence-based treatment
  • Alternative therapies and traditional healing modalities.
  • Based in a location surrounded by lush greenery, fresh air and provides a relaxing atmosphere. 
  • Meditation and teaching areas, outdoor relaxation zones, coupled with healthy diet regimes, provide instant comfort to troubled patients.
  • Our qualified and experienced doctors design the treatment plan based on thorough case analysis and application of scientific procedures for detoxification. The intensity of the withdrawal symptoms is also measured to modify the treatment plan to suit the patient’s condition.
  • Outpatient and Inpatient programmes are available. 
  • Regular tests are carried out to devise a complete detox procedure.

During detoxification, we use rejuvenating therapies as described in the traditional systems of healing along with the latest advancements in medicine. A thorough check-up is done of the physical and psychological condition of the patient to assess the extent of the damage. Depending on the assessment, a meticulous and detailed detox plan is devised. 

We provide holistic treatment through the renowned system of Ancient Ayurveda healing along with yoga meditation and several other alternative treatment modalities.

Once the detoxification procedure begins, the progress of the suffering individual is monitored and analysed by the experts. Based on the observations, improvements and alterations are made to the treatment plan. While providing a comfortable environment, the therapists ensure that the sufferer is disciplined and follows the treatment procedure religiously. We do everything possible to maintain your privacy and confidentiality. No-one outside Sunshine campus has access to your details, and our properties are privately held, with no obvious connection to a treatment facility. An additional feature of the Sunshine model is our focus on helping you reconnect to your creativity and passions.

In addition to our clinical program, we encourage you to have fun, to engage in your surroundings and to discover greater meaning in your life. We encourage excursions such as morning and evening walks, sun gazing, and other outdoor activities that help rekindle your appreciation of being part of a living, sustaining environment.