Scientific & Holistic Healing

Sunshine Wellness Centre is a world class facility providing an intensive, private, confidential and discreet therapeutic in-patient retreat with an objective of improving the lives of individuals suffering from mental disorders and chemical dependencies for men and women of all ages. Treating the whole person and total condition, not just the symptoms by focusing on substance/disorder free lifestyle and underlying mental health problems (which often could be the root cause of these issues) we have been able to help our clients live a happy and a peaceful life with a high success rate.

We offer comprehensive psychiatric care and rehabilitation services, on the outskirts of the hustle bustle, fast life of Mumbai, India. Nestled in the suburb of Vasai amongst lush green ambience of nature and crowned by the stunning panoramic view of the hills, the campus offers a safe and secure environment for you to heal from your issue(s). In combination with our professional treatment, it is this excellent natural healing environment that nurtures and rejuvenates our clients during their stay with us.

The cornerstone of Sunshine Wellness Centre treatment model is a state-of-the-art, holistic, integrated, and individually tailored programs. These programs are combination of psychotherapy, physical exercises with enriching yoga and meditation practices. Your program will be constantly revised to take into account your evolving needs during your stay with us and on-going outpatient counselling post discharge.