Our Team is comprised of leading psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, nurses, physiotherapists, yoga and meditation teachers, personal trainers and recreational activities coaches and teachers as well as personal support staff which includes 24 hours chef, carers, medical officers, administrative staff and security personnel.

All work together in unison, guided by expert clinical consultants.

Not only do we provide the most effective treatment for substance abuse and successful rehabilitation of complex conditions, but we achieve all this in exclusive surroundings, always with your comfort in mind.

In-house Psychiatrist

  • Dr. Chandni Goel

Visiting Psychiatrists

  • Dr. Nilesh Shah
  • Dr. Ketan Parmar
  • Dr. Dinesh Narurkar

Advisory Council Psychiatrists

  • Dr. Rahul Ghadge
  • Dr. Hozefa Bhinderwala


  • Mr. Mukesh Sinha
  • Mr. Sitaram Khanduala
  • Mr. Gopi Kasale

Psychology & Psychotherapy

  • Mrs. Vatsala Choudhary
  • Ms. Sanober Lakdawala
  • Mr. Rajeev Pagare




Research Advisor

  • Dr. Avinash Dsouza

In-house Medical Officers

  • Dr. Shraddha Kanse
  • Dr. Jyoti Sharma
  • Dr. Tushar Mhatre
  • Dr. Shubhangi Uttam Devlikar

Sr. Psychotherapist

  • Mrs. Vatsala Chaudhary


  • Ms. Sanober Lakdawala
  • Mr. Rajeev Pagare

Zumba Coach & Dance Trainer

  • Mr. Jayesh Kamble

Yoga Trainer

  • Mr. Prabhakar Rana

Laughter Yoga

  • Mr. Umesh Shah












Psychiatric Social Worker

  • Mr. Atikh Sattar Sayyad
  • Mr. Rajeev Pagare

Nursing Staff

  • Xavier Rodrigues
  • Manali Dhanwa
  • Shivasharanappa Basavaraj
  • Sulabha Ravindra Kalingda
  • Stanila Gonsalves


  • Dr. Tanvi Shah

Administrative & Human Resource Manager

  • Mr. Pramod Gaonkar
  • Mr. Ajith Alexander
  • Ms. Rama Hallan


  • Amir Azam
  • Abusaeed Mehboobali Shaikh.

Safety and Security Incharge

  • Mr. Akhilesh






Ward Boy

  • Mr. Nandkumar Bhoir
  • Mr. Manoj Wagh
  •  Mr. Aakash
  • Mr. Yuvraj Jadhav
  • Mr. Sagar

Kitchen Staff

  • Mr. Mithalal Joshi (Dinesh)
  • Mr. Ramchandra Shah
  • Mr. Mangal Maharaj
  • Mr. Ashish Kumar Yadav (Helper)

Helping Staff

  • Mrs. Sunita Bhoir
  • Mrs. Sunita Sonawane
  • Mrs. Surekha Bij
  • Anita Jadhav
  • Yogita Jadhav
  • Mrs. Vaijayanti Nakase
  • Mrs. Ranjana Bhoir
  • Mrs. Prabha Atkari
  • Jayka Anil Padwale
  • Nanda Pachmare

General Caretaker

  • Mrs. Sunita Sonavane
  • Mr. Manoj Wagh