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How Does Addiction Affect COVID Recovery?

How Addiction Habits Negatively Impact on COVID Recovery

Individuals with addiction are facing immense difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s stress and isolation. Many who misuse or abuse alcohol and/or other substances are especially vulnerable during these uncertain times.

Is addiction and COVID19 related?

To an extent, we can say that addiction and COVID19 are related to each other.

Many addiction treatment centres in Mumbai have seen a rising number of pleas calls for treatment. Since March, when a national emergency was declared and our lives were dramatically altered by lockdown and the closing of businesses and schools, significant rises in many types of drug use have been reported.

The continuous flow of stressful news during COVID-19 can cause increased feelings of concern, anxiety, and stress. This may further lead to alcohol consumption for temporary relief. While alcohol and/or drugs can make you feel better for a short time, they cause changes in your brain that make you feel weaker.

Challenges Faced

Addicts have recorded emotional changes since the outbreak, especially increased worry (62 percent), depression (51 percent), fear (51 percent), and loneliness (42 percent)

  • These feelings raise the risk of relapse, and tragic situations have made peer support, such as 12-step meetings and similar groups in Drug addiction rehab centres in Mumbai, even more difficult after the pandemic.
  • Restricted access to alcohol can cause withdrawal symptoms in people who are dependent on it. If not treated correctly, alcohol withdrawal can be fatal.
  • Chronic alcohol/drug use poses health risks by weakening the immune system and putting stress on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • When opioids are taken in high doses, they function on the brainstem, slowing breathing and lowering blood oxygen levels (hypoxemia). Low oxygen levels are the worst possible situation for treating COVID.
  • Since COVID-19 affects the lungs, anyone who contracts it may be at risk of smoking or vaping.

Addiction encourages isolation. Addicts will wilfully not only physically distance themselves but also mentally stop communicating. Although social distancing is necessary, the inevitable consequence of the same for addicts can be dangerous. Therefore, to ensure social distancing and recovery, it is important to keep the points mentioned below.

Solutions Ahead

  • It is important that you engage in safe behaviors that will help you cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. Get away from the news and social media for a while.
  • Consider watching a comedy, reading a book, downloading a calming or deep breathing app, or calling a friend.
  • Although online recovery assistance may not be appropriate for all and cannot replace the in-person experience, it is a viable choice for others.
  • However, it is advisable to visit a drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre in Mumbai for long-lasting recovery.

To make it easier for you to decide, let’s tell you where you can find the best and safest addiction treatment centres in Mumbai.

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