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Everyday routine at a Rehab Centre in Mumbai


Most of the addicts are hesitant to visit a rehabilitation centre in Mumbai because they feel that their everyday life will become like that of a hospital patient. They fear that every minute of their day will be spent in treatments, medications and in the monotony of their withdrawal symptoms.

But break your fears, my dear friends! You are going to have the most rejuvenating experience of your life at a rehab. Clients begin to re-discover themselves during detox and counseling sessions. Aftercare preparation enables people to continue their rehabilitation and recovery process even after they have completed their rehab treatment program.

It’s just about choosing the right rehab where your health and wellbeing are given priority. At sunshine wellness centre, we aim to provide a long-lasting recovery that involves sustainable ways of a healthy life post-de-addiction. Let us take you through how a typical day at a rehabilitation centre in Mumbai looks like!

An Early Head start:

Most of the alcohol and drug addiction treatment centres in India believe in the theory of early to bed and early to rise. Starting the day on a positive note, with the best quality of Vitamin D sunlight present during the sunrise hours helps addicts to heal effectively. This is usually the time when yoga and meditation therapy take place which is accompanied by a wholesome healthy breakfast.

A day full of recreation:

A detailed therapy and treatment combination is curated at the beginning of your rehab journey. This is a completely customized plan at Sunshine Wellness Centre – India’s leading detoxification centre in Mumbai, India. Throughout the day you will be involved in recreational activities like music, art, dance, etc. These activities will be accompanied by psychotherapeutic sessions, Effective counseling, and state-of-art treatments based on the WHO approved 12-step treatment process.

A social evening:

Evenings are usually about groups coming together for group therapy. It can also be conducted as a social space where addicts with similar interests converse and work together. Usually, it also involves family communication sessions or family therapies, if required.

A retrospective end:

The motive of joining a drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, India is to undergo a life change and not just de-addict. Every day is about taking a step towards the end goal – sobriety and overall well-being. This is why it is important to reflect every day on the growth you have made so far. Small victories and recognitions of the day make you motivated to continue further. Night time is about journaling and mindfulness so that you go to bed with a satisfied state of mind.

However, it is not a strict schedule. The very values of customization and flexibility are what sets Sunshine wellness centre apart from other alcohol rehabilitation centres in Mumbai. We sit to decide how your day will look like for you according to your daily requirements. You find the will and we will make sure we make a way for your recovery!

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