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8 shocking side effects stress can have on your life

Stress, the word that is taking the world by storm, quite literally. Studies suggest that the number of people calling in sick at work due to stress has tripled since 1996 to the 2000’s.The generation today is affected by a number of lifestyle disorders, one of the contributing factors we are pointing out is inevitably stress. We at Sunshine wellness centre are aware of the side effects of stress and how it leads it alcoholism. SWC being the leading alcohol rehabilitation centres in India, helps you navigate through stress and alcoholism

It is important to first be aware of the shocking side effects stress and alcohol  can have on your health. Opt for alcohol rehabilitation centres in India that help you take the first difficult step in the right direction. This is a blaring red signal for you to start taking your mind, body and soul out of anything that brings you stress.

1. Constant Pain :
It has been observed that those who are under constant stress for unnatural period of time begin to show manifestation as pain. It isn’t surprising to know that something as psychological as stress can have a direct relation to physical symptoms of pain. When under stress it is usually observed that muscles get tense. Your body goes into a constant state of fight or flight mechanism as a method of self-preservation. The chemical imbalances due to this result in a constant chronic pain in certain areas of the body, which may have no other explanation

2. Skin health deterioration
One of the most visible and quickest markers of stress in a deterioration in skin health. Skin that either looks too dry, dull, and too oily or generally lack of lustre could be a result of stress. It has been noted that there is a rise in occurrence of acne. This can be attributed to hormonal imbalances in the body that occurs due to stress

3.Lack of energy
Stress is a constant downer for your body. As you must have often noticed, in highly stressful situation your body begins to either act up or start shutting down completely. This is due to the fact that stress takes up a lot of energy. A huge amount of your energy that can be used in productive work goes into stressing about things small and big. If you are facing a constant lack of energy it implies that your body is reacting.

4.Lack of sleep
An adequate sleep cycle is extremely important to function efficiently. It is noteworthy for a person to get an average of 6-8 hours of sleep. Therefore the best way to reduce your stress is by understanding how you can effectively manage sleep cycles despite a tedious life cycle.

5.Directly affects the appetite
It is important to understand a good well rounded nutrition helps you to have a more balanced physical and mental well-being. The perfect combination of proteins, fats and carbs along with the essential minerals and carbohydrates are important. This helps manage your lifestyle in the best way possible.

6.Drop in mental health
The importance of mental health is now focused upon more so than ever. Keeping an attentive eye and being aware of your mental health is key. This will directly point at the fact that higher the stress, higher the risk of a decline mental health. High levels of alcohol impair decision ma. Thus choose Sunshine wellness centre as it is among alcohol rehabilitation centres in India.

Headaches is one of the most common symptoms that is observed when it comes to stress. If headaches are found to be too frequent, it can be attributed to a constant factor such as stress. In such cases it is imperative to identify the triggers and work around them for the same.

8.Frequent Illness
Frequent decline in health and the occurrence of various health problems all at once is a key reminder of how deadly stress can be. If you are noticing that there are a range of illnesses that are affecting you within a short span of time, this implies that there is a lot of unresolved stress that is weighing down upon you.

Therefore it becomes essential to be completely aware at all times if you are subject to any of the above symptoms that are caused due to stress. Just cut out all that negativity from your life. Be aware of all the triggers that induce stress based on which you can begin a slow but steady journey towards the ultimate goal in life that is Peace. At Sunshine Wellness we care for you and we wish for you to start your journey of healing at the best alcohol rehabilitation centres in India.

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