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Excessive alcohol consumption is a known evil in today’s fast-moving stressful life. While some people are able to control their drinking habits, majority fall prey to the adverse effects of alcohol as they fail to control alcohol consumption. The effects of alcohol vary based on several factors such as the amount of alcohol consumed, tolerance level of the individual, any medical history and/or history of drug abuse. The diverse effects of alcohol can be understood only if we know what exactly constitutes a drink.


One drink can be considered as any of the following:

  • Twelve ounces of beer which is about 5 percent alcohol.
  • Eight to nine ounces of malt liquor which amounts to about 7 percent alcohol.
  • Five ounces of wine which is roughly 12 percent alcohol.
  • One and one-half ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits such as gin, vodka, rum, whisky, tequila, etc. which is about 40 percent alcohol.


An individual’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) value must be determined to know the exact effect that alcohol has caused on the system of the individual. Based on the BAC, an individual may suffer from mild to severe complications. Initially, the BAC value is low but eventually body starts developing tolerance to alcohol and the individual starts drinking even more to get the desired high. This leads to an increase in BAC percentage which results in more serious health consequences.


Individuals suffering from alcoholism must approach the alcohol rehabilitation centres in India that have world-class rehab facilities and specialists to help them get back to a healthy and happy life style.


Alcohol is a silent killer. It slowly damages your internal organs without any apparent major signs or symptoms for early detection. Hence, it is important to not ignore the warning signs of alcoholism before it is too late to reverse the health condition. Alcohol can affect every organ of human body; however, some organs are more prone to risk of severe damage. Listed below are the effects of alcohol on the major organs of human body.


  • Liver: Liver is known to be the worst affected organ in heavy drinkers. Normally, the liver breaks down alcohol and prevents its entry into blood. But heavy consumption in a short duration leads to disturbance of this metabolism leading to fatty liver. This, in turn, causes obesity, liver failure, type 2 diabetes and other serious complication such as hepatitis, fibrosis and cirrhosis.


  • Pancreas: Pancreas is responsible for regulating the blood sugar level. However, prolonged alcohol consumption leads to adverse effects on pancreas which are not detected early and lead to lasting health complications. Excessive drinking can damage the blood vessels of pancreas causing pancreatitis which may eventually lead to a dangerous condition like pancreatic cancer.


  • Heart: Long term excessive consumption of alcohol leads to negative effects on the heart by deposition of high levels of triglycerides. It affects the functioning of heart leading to low oxygen and nutrient supplement to other vital organs. It can lead to irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and eventually cause serious conditions such as cardiomyopathy, stroke and cardiac failure.


  • Brain: Effects of alcohol on the brain range from temporary memory loss to long-term irreversible damage to brain tissue. Prolonged consumption leads to structural damage of the brain leading to loss of balance, emotional disturbances, impaired motor system, and much more.


It is important to understand that such health issues can be avoided only if you quit drinking now. Take help from professionals of rehab centres. There are several alcohol rehabilitation centres in India offering effective treatment programs to overcome alcohol addiction.


There are several short-term effects of alcohol such as impaired vision, lack of coordination, extreme mood swings, memory lapses, slurred speech, etc. and long-term effects such as liver, heart, respiratory diseases, ulcers, cancer and nerve damage. The effects of alcohol not only affect the addict but also those around them. With increased addition, the individual may also indulge in emotional outbursts, drunken driving, criminal activities, etc. leading to loss of social and professional stature with disturbed relationships.


If you are struggling with alcoholism, it is time you made a conscious decision to quit drinking. We offer personalized treatment under care of professional experts. Sunshine Wellness Centre is one of the most trusted alcohol rehabilitation centres in India. We help you gain back control on your self and your life through our various rehabilitation programs and facilities with unique amenities and activities that fit your requirements. During the course of treatment, we provide you insights on how to manage triggers, prevent urges to drink and help you maintain sobriety.


So, do not hesitate in putting an end to alcohol abuse to live a happy and healthy life. Connect with us now and allow us to help you with treatment programs and other resources for a speedy recovery.

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