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Negative Impact of COVID-19 on our Mental Health

What are the Negative Impact of Covid on our Mental Health
Negative Impact of Covid-19 on our Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused great damage not only to human life and the economic world over but has also been a great strain and danger to our emotional health. It has resulted in the most severe economic pullback in modern history and a record-breaking spike in unemployment. It is inevitable that besides the financial implications, the emotional stress due to the fear of the virus, collective grief, prolonged social distancing, and isolation has caused untold damage to the psyche and the behavioral health of every individual, nay our society as a whole. Such economic and emotional hardships in the past have proven to be great mitigators of mental health problems and substance abuse resulting in lower productivity, increased healthcare costs, higher mortality, and suicide cases. It is also likely to see a surge in people experiencing acute behavioral health problems, by means of both aggravating existing mental health conditions and developing new ones.

Studies have reported a higher prevalence of subjects with psychological symptoms, emotional disturbance, depression, stress, mood alterations and irritability, insomnia, post-traumatic stress symptoms, anger, and emotional exhaustion. Long-term behavioral changes like vigilant hand washing and avoidance of crowds as well as a delayed return to normality even after many months have also reported. Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic period seems to have had important and dysfunctional psychological consequences on every individual’s mental health not only in the short-term but even in the long-term period.

People with pre-existing mental health conditions or substance use disorders may be particularly vulnerable in an emergency. These people should continue with their treatment and be aware of new or worsening symptoms. If you think you have new or worse symptoms, call your healthcare provider.

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