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Stress Management is the key to a Happy Existence

In a fast-paced world today, stress is like a recurring nightmare. It has become the main cause of innumerable physical and psychological illnesses in mankind. At times you might feel like you are in the middle of a dodge ball game floor trying to duck and dart here and there to avoid getting smacked by the stress balls. In that effort we often get into a defensive position, and that too may not be a good one. The worst thing about stress is to work yourself up in trying to control things that are out of your reach. This is because, in an effort to salvage an uncontrollable circumstance, you eventually end up getting more stressed due to a feeling of helplessness. Stressing over things beyond your control can be extremely paralyzing while doing things that are within your power helps to empower and invigorate you.

For example, when you are working on a project, if you are finding it very stressful, you can talk yourself out of it by discussing it with your superior or divide the project among fellow workers to reduce your burden and also stick to deadlines. This shows how easy it is to manage small pockets of stress rather than taking a whole chunk of it at a time. Further, if your work is filled with activities that you like, even if it is stressful, you will enjoy it. If your life is full of stresses, engage yourself in activities that you love to find something meaningful to do after a whole day’s hard work. Identify the stressors in your life that can be controlled and find the best ways to tackle them.

One of the biggest stressors nowadays is the lack of time management. The to-do lists go on expanding while time runs out. More often than not, we wish there were more hours in a day. All around us we see people lamenting their lack of time to do important tasks. But as it is correctly said, “You have More Time Than You Think”. We all have the same amount of time and there are so many families where parents are full-time employees and yet manage to get proper seven hours of sleep while fulfilling work and family obligations. Hence, it is important to manage time to avoid stressful situations in everyday life. Explore alternatives and plan your day well before time to combat the nightmare of stresses and if that sounds difficult, get help from experts.

Sunshine Wellness Centre is a renowned rehabilitation centre and stress consultancy in India. We provide varied stress management and prevention programmes, cognitive behavioral therapy and stress counselling. We are recognized as one of the leading stress management providers and have helped thousands of individuals including professionals and students. The centre runs short courses as well as advanced programmes on stress management that are suitable for patients as well as therapists, counsellors and health professionals who wish to acquire knowledge and skill of stress management.

Your perception of a stressor depends on your current state of mind and body. Because, each situation is unique and occurs in a very specific context that is promoted by your own health, sleep, food consumption, use of psychoactive substances as well as physical fitness. In short, if you are not sleeping well or not doing enough physical activity, you can become easily susceptible to stress. A sedentary, sleep-deprived coffee-culture life style can have a huge impact of even the smallest stressors.

Often, our disturbed mindset can boost stress to a point where even a small issue swells into a huge pile of problems. It makes us worry continuously, while believing it to be an obvious or productive response to stress. But that is where we misplace worry for action. Another such mindset that can exacerbate stress is the need for perfectionism. It is very truly said that “Nobody is perfect”. Still, some individual always strive to be mistake-free while exhausting themselves trying to walk on eggshells of anxiety. Remember that perfectionism is impossible and also, not human anyway.

At Sunshine Wellness Centre, we assist you to regain control in your life and prevent the obsessive behaviour that is affecting you negatively. Our different stress management programs have helped to transform the lives of individuals as well as employees of companies to manage their emotions and reactions while facing customers. We also put emphasis on rebuilding relationships. Often couples, partners, friends, parents, etc. face difficulties in handling relationships and are on the verge of giving up. We help such estranged people to reform their attitude and build tolerance towards others, to salvage the failing relationships.

We encourage a holistic approach towards stress management and offer programmes that cover a wide spectrum from individuals to couples and families, teens, corporates, schools, etc. Our programs are based on proven and dynamic psycho-educational techniques. So, if you think you are stressed, approach us now. We work, keeping in mind the best interest of our clients.

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