Addiction is not a Disease… it is an Attitude

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For years now, researchers have been working on the cause, effects and cure of addictions. Scientists, counsellors, and psychologists have made a combined effort to delineate the best practices for the effective treatment of addictions.

But what does addiction mean to a common man. Some may think it is a disease while some take it a social stigma. Addiction is indeed a very complex issue leading to aberrant behavior of individuals afflicted with this problem. Unawares, they eventually, lead to a complete deterioration of the personal, professional, financial and social aspects of their lives. Even so, addiction is often justified by individuals as a result of stress or if accepted, it is treated with improper and rushed treatment methodologies.

Since addiction has acquired a broad reach in every facet of life, each case of addiction is different in terms of cause and complication. This calls for an equally varied treatment approach based on the type and complexity of addiction. The detoxification programs created for individualized treatment help to deal with the varying facets of addiction. The quality of treatment, duration and personalized treatment methodologies help the addicted individual to begin the journey towards recovery and a better future. There are innumerable detoxification centres in India where an addicted individual can approach for help and receive holistic treatment.

Concept of Individualized Treatment Program

Addiction is complicated but it can be cured. If proper principles of individualized treatment are applied, recovery can be assured. Addiction is a global issue with physical, intellectual and social repercussions. It affects the functioning of the individuals brain that leads to irrational behavior and related problems that can be dealt with only through effective medical attention.


Since additions are of different types with various causative factors, a single mode of treatment will not be suitable for every afflicted individual. It is advisable to not use the same approach and treatment methodologies for all patients. This means, that detoxification centres should not have a common philosophy for all addicts and should devise different approaches to deal with patients on case basis.


While devising any line of treatment, the physical, emotional and psychological effects of the substance abused must be kept in mind. It helps to get an idea of the extent of damage that may need a multi-faceted treatment approach. Many detoxification centres in India observe a strict protocol of complete analysis of each case before beginning treatment.


Devising a good treatment strategy is importance but, what is more important is to continue the treatment for a proper duration. The addicted individual must be counselled about the necessity of remaining in the treatment for the stated period as there is no quick-fix to a complex problem as addiction. A holistic cure and long-term recovery will need time and dedication from the addicted person as well as the expert medical professionals administering the treatment.


The experts at the detoxification centre plan the addicted individual’s treatment and related amenities according the type of addiction and the extent of the damage. However, the treatment process should be assessed at regular intervals and necessary alterations should be made to ensure that the treatment mode is adapted to the changing status of the patient’s physical and psychological symptoms.


Often, an addicted individual is found to be simultaneously suffering from a mental disorder. Such cases should be handled differently keeping in mind the added responsibility of treating the mental disorders and assessing the same during the recovery process.


Detoxification treatment begins with the use of medicine. However, it is only the first stage of addiction treatment to combat the withdrawal symptoms. A lot more is required in terms of psychological interventions and alterative therapies to bring about a holistic cure. In order to ensure a long-term recovery from addictions, you must visit any of the nearest detoxification centres in India to prevent the situation from worsening further.


Individualized Treatment at Sunshine Wellness Centre

Our main focus is on holistic cure which is why treatment programs focusing on individual needs of our patients form the central part of our treatment methodologies. Sunshine Wellness Centre is one of the most renowned detoxification centres in India that strives to provide a unique treatment program for each individual by using several efficient and tested clinical strategies.


We offer a number of exclusive therapies that are focused on helping our patients to cope with the various physical and psychological effects of addiction. With medical treatment being the base, we build upon it an integrated therapeutic plan including alternative therapies, counseling, support and guidance to family, diet and fitness programs, etc.


With our expertise, individualized treatments, and compassionate manner of handling patients, our patients depart as happy, responsible and addiction free individuals hopeful for a bright future ahead.


So, make your first move towards an addiction free life by reaching out to us. We are always eager to help.

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