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What are 5 Addiction You must have developed during Covid-19?

New Age Addictions due to Covid 19

New Age Addictions due to Covid 19

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world also saw a rapid increase in addiction issues.

Financial insecurities, being stranded in someplace, staying indoors all the time and isolation made a lot of people mentally vulnerable.

Rehab centres in Mumbai have not only traced new addiction cases but also the already existing cases have seen severity. Although we saw it clearly those cases of suicides and other consequences of mental health were at an all high, treatment for some remained unapproachable. Negative emotions like anxiety, fear and depression have been holding many people back from getting proper addiction treatment.

Here is a list of 5 addictions that went prominently high during the pandemic of Covid 19:

  1. Internet Addiction: During the lockdown, the Internet was heavily used to study, play online games, shop, and watch movies, use social media, and chat. People had nothing to do when they were locked down and the economy was shut. While these were intended to be technological innovations, they got exploited.
  2. Substance Addiction: Detoxification centres in India saw a rising number of cases that relied on drugs as their coping mechanism to deal with stress and losses occurred during the pandemic.
  3. Gaming Addiction: To kill time, people, especially young kids spent their days and nights hooked on to their gaming devices. We saw a large number of gaming companies releasing free games which further provoked more playing.
  4. Alcohol Addiction: Even when we speculated that the consumption of alcohol would decrease due to closed doors of the wine shops, people still continued to find their way. Drug & alcohol rehabilitation centres in India even saw new alcohol addicts including the ones who were already addicted.
  5. Depression and Anxiety: This becomes a cause and effect. Due to anxieties, other addiction like drug and alcohol takes place. Isolation, loss of jobs, deaths by covid, fear of catching the disease added onto the already existing anxiety issues. Diseases like OCD also saw a rise because of the handwashing compulsion.

If you feel that you are suffering from any of these addictions, then you must seek support. All Drug addiction treatment centres in India are working diligently towards eradicating the ills of these addictions. If you want to approach the best de-addiction centre in Mumbai, reach out to Sunshine Wellness Centre for custom de-addiction plans according to your health needs. Sunshine Wellness Center also provides mental health support services.



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