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What Drugs most Negatively Affect Mental Health?

What drugs most negatively affect mental health?

Good mental health which reflects happiness, contentment, control is usually a sign of a positive attitude towards life. Conversely mental ill-health causes problems and creates barriers to being happy or enjoying life.

We at Sunshine Wellness Centre, with premier drug rehabilitation centres in India firmly believe that normally during a person’s lifetime due to changes in circumstances his mental state keeps oscillating between the good mental health during good times and slightly depressed mental health during stressful circumstances. Hence some people resort to external influences like drugs-administered under medical advice for treatment of mental ill-health on a temporary basis. While some others resort to illicit drugs for self-gratification like alcohol, marijuana, LSD, cannabis, heroin, ecstasy etc which usually leads to Substance Abuse and Addiction resulting in severe mental health problem. In fact, there is a general feeling amongst the public that if drugs are used under medication, they are not harmful and its only the non-medical use of any drug that is harmful But we at Sunshine Wellness Centre, the best drug &Alcohol addiction treatment centres in Mumbai, India have always opined that this is a big myth. Our experience and interaction with thousands of people across all our detoxification centres in India has convinced us that even the safest of drugs can have an adverse effect on your health if taken for a long period of time

Drugs that adversely affect mental health:

As the best detox centres in India, we are firmly believe that the following are some of the psychoactive drugs that are more commonly abused:

Nicotine: It is one of the most widely used psychoactive drugs in the world. It increases the risk of developing psychiatric disorders and cognitive impairment. In fact it affects every part of the body- lungs, kidney, liver, heart, digestive system, eyes. Premature aging, It also leads to weakening of the sense of smell and taste, As leading detoxification centres in India, we always advise people to stay away from nicotine.

Prescription Drugs: Contrary to popular belief it is psychotherapeutic drugs like pain killers, sedatives, tranquilizers, stimulants are the most popular drugs abused. This is because most of the times they are bought randomly over the counter without medical prescriptions or without doctors advice.

Caffeine: It is also one of the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world which most of us take inadvertently when we have tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate candy, soft drinks. While it has several positive effects like increasing your mental alertness and physical energy, it is also addictive causing anxiety, insomnia.

Marijuana: It is the most commonly abused illicit drug worldwide. When smoked it begins affecting the person immediately and its effect lasts for about 3 hours. As leading drug addiction treatment centres in India we know that while smokers claim smoking marijuana is not harmful, scientific evidence proves otherwise. It is proven to cause distorted perception, difficulty in thinking and problem-solving, increase in heart rate,loss of memory and co-ordination, delusions, hallucinations.

Cocaine: It is considered a strong central nervous system stimulant that affects the brain. It is snorted, injected, inhaled or even taken orally. In the 1800’s it was used as a therapeutic drug for treating psychological disorders, but was later banned because of its addictive properties. It instantly creates a feeling of euphoria and an extreme sense of invincibility but its long term effects are very dangerous to our health often resulting in insomnia, seizures, depression, paranoia, psychosis, hallucinations, sexual dysfunction, heart attack, stroke.

Heroin: It is the most addictive of all the street drugs that is smoked, injected or snorted. It affects our central nervous system and causes liver disease, infection of the heart lining, kidney disease, pulmonary complications, skin infections, collapsed veins.

LSD: It is a long lasting psychoactive drug that distorts and alters perceptions and sensations. It causes health hazards like anxiety, paranoia, convulsions, disorientation, hallucinations.

If you’re wondering how do drugs affect your mental health, we as leading rehabilitation centres in India would like you to keep in mind that every individual is different. What one type of drug does to one brain, won’t necessarily happen to another. To avoid mental health issues, it’s best to avoid substance use as much as possible, to maintain your overall mental health.


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