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Can I get addiction treatment during the COVID-19 lockdown in India?

How Can I get Addiction treatment during the COVID-19 Lockdown in India?

When Prime Minister Modi announced the lockdown to avoid the spread of coronavirus pandemic, we wondered how would smokers, alcoholics, and other drug addicts handle themselves during COVID-19 lockdown in India. People who were already under rehab, would they be able to get therapy sessions and medicines? Would rehab centres remain open or would rehab centres consider taking in patients if a family wants to enrol their loved one for a program in rehab centre in Mumbai? Would chemists stock their medicines and still make it accessible during the lockdown? These were some of the important questions that were raised amidst lockdown. Also, addiction does not discriminate nor does it wait for an addict to get help. In the time of crisis, even the general public has a lot of anxiety and stress issue so we can only imagine the state of people who need mental help.

The impact

COVID-19 has affected many sides of addiction. One aspect of it is the availability of drugs due to social distancing and lockdown. It is not easy for many to get access to medicines. Also, we have seen an increase in drug abuse and the lockdown has made the situation worse for a person who is addicted to a particular drug, alcohol, or other substances. This has added mental stress on many rehab patients amidst Coronavirus in India. For example, many feel lonely, isolated, and more depressed. Lockdown has also increased their urge to get the drug or substance during a lockdown.

It is believed that people addicted to smoking are more vulnerable to the virus because of their lung weakness caused by smoking. Similarly, people taking drugs and other substances are more prone to the virus because of low immune and other pulmonary infections.

Is it safe to attend a rehab centre

The good news is that Sunshine Wellness Centre – Best Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centre has continued to operate even during a pandemic and is available for patients suffering from alcohol addiction during the lockdown. The government has kept the rehab centers under essentials services during lockdown thus making it accessible for people who are in need. We are very careful while taking new admissions. We do thorough check-ups for general symptoms like cold, fever, etc. We also check their travel history and ask them for a doctor’s certificate. We conduct additional tests in some cases just to ensure that you or the loved one are safe from coronavirus. With our privately owned ambulance, logistics is not an issue. If you have the necessary papers with you, one can travel on their own to our centre. Our staff also takes special care about the hygiene of the rehab centre by making sure it is sanitized daily. We have a protocol which is followed daily by our staff to protect our facility. Our doctors are well informed about the virus and other infections that might occur and affect the safety of patients. 


We advise people who are looking for mental and de-addiction help to get in touch with us and be aware of the things changing around. We are amongst the alcohol rehab centres in Mumbai that are still working round the clock and taking care of patients. Mental health is a basic need and we believe India, in general, will embrace the addiction and mental health community.  Our staff is available 24/7 to answer all of your questions. Life of an addict can be very scary and we all know this. At this time, let the Sunshine Wellness CentreDe-Addiction Centre in Mumbai be the absolute safest place that you can be. Begin your new life in recovery in a healthy and peaceful environment today!

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