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What is Detoxification and Withdrawal Management?

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At some detoxification centres in India, such as Sunshine Wellness Centre, Withdrawal Management (WM) is an important element of detoxification and the planned cessation of psycho-stimulants (drugs, alcohol, etc).

WM refers to the medical and psychological care of former addicts who are now experiencing withdrawal symptoms as a result of ceasing or reducing their drug use.

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is often a supervised process to help addicts withdraw from the effects of the drug and ensure that withdrawal symptoms – such as sweating, anxiety, muscular pain, nausea and insomnia – are minimised.

Many scientific studies have found that by itself, detoxification is not enough to achieve positive long term outcomes. However, the process is invaluable to more extensive follow-up interventions.

What is Withdrawal Management? Why is it needed?

WM is an effective way to build trust between patients and treatment staff, which can make the detoxification process more effective. At Sunshine Wellness Centre, one of the premier detoxification centres in India, WM supports an abstinence-based, empathy-focused and harm-reduction approach to addiction. It provides a safe, supportive environment to help addicts understand, change and break the cycle of harmful addiction.

When WM is provided by a qualified professional who is associated with a licensed and well-equipped detoxification centre in India, it can reduce the discomfort of patients and ensure the best possible outcomes.

In addition, a WM programme may also include:

  • Counselling throughout the detoxification and withdrawal process
  • Treatment planning and referrals to de-addiction professionals, counsellors and community services providers
  • Access to psycho-education or support groups

For effective Withdrawal Management,

  • The WM area should be quiet and calm
  • Patients currently in withdrawal should be accommodated away from patients who have already completed WM
  • Patients may be allowed to sleep, rest or to do moderate physical activities such as walking
  • They may be given opportunities for meditation or other calming practices

When WM commences, patients are not usually subjected to counselling or other psychological therapy. This is because an addict in withdrawal is often vulnerable, ashamed and confused, so counselling at this stage may not be appropriate.

WM therapies may differ depending on the type of addiction (e.g. opioid versus stimulant).

Common problems seen during WM

Unfortunately, WM is not a fool-proof method for permanent de-addiction and detoxification. Relapses are not uncommon. Therefore it is unrealistic to assume that WM will always lead to a sustained ‘cure’. It is better to see WM as an important first step before a patient can commence critical psychosocial treatment. During withdrawal, some patients may become disruptive, difficult to manage and even violent. They may also be disoriented and confused. In such cases, behaviour management strategies may help.

If you are an addict who realises that you need to break the cycle of dependence and addiction, well done! You are already on your way to a healthier, addiction-free life! For further help, contact Sunshine Wellness Centre, one of the best detoxification centres in India. Reconnect with your life, connect with us now!

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