The Harmful Effects of Social Media Addiction And How To Cope With Them

Unfortunately, addiction is part and parcel of the human experience. However, very few people with addictive habits and behaviours are willing – or able – to address their addictions in meaningful and permanent ways

Therefore it is crucial that the addict have access to systems, tools and people that can provide rehabilitation, and ultimately freedom from harmful addiction. For example, alcohol rehabilitation centres in Mumbai can provide top-class treatment to alcohol addicts. These centres provide detoxification, rehabilitation and even psychiatric support to the addicts and to the people in their close circle.

But what about social media? Is our increasing use of social media sites and apps an indication of harmful addiction or is it the ‘new normal’?

The digital age has transformed our lives in unimaginable ways.  A few years ago, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter didn’t exist. And words like Follow, Like or Retweet which are now part of our daily lexicon were unheard of. When these platforms first came up, little did we know that they will eventually become as habit-forming and addictive as drugs or alcohol. And absolutely no one thought that in addition to alcohol rehabilitation centres in Mumbai, we would need social media rehabilitation centres as well!

Are you hooked on playing candy crush or following an Instagram celebrity?

Over-enthusiastic about liking or commenting on Facebook posts?

Are you addicted to social media?

To answer this question, compare the time you spend on social media sites with the time you spend with family or friends. Is the former much higher than the latter? Then you are probably addicted.

Another symptom of social media addiction is a sudden change in priorities – both personal and professional. Are you neglecting your work, studies, hobbies, friends and family? Is your mind constantly on social media and not on your real life? Are your social media habits affecting your lifestyle, relationships and maybe even your finances? Addiction!

Social media addiction can lead to serious mental health issues. At first glance, an interest in social media may seem like a harmless hobby but for true addicts, it can cause loss of focus, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and ironically even loneliness. It also leads to harmful weight gain and affects our physical health and well-being.

So if you think you are addicted – be honest with yourself – analyse the problem and find a way to curb the addiction. And if your addiction is serious, it may be time to see an addiction counsellor.

With social media addiction becoming so common, especially among the younger generation; in the coming years there will be an increasing demand for ‘social media rehabilitation centres’ in addition to alcohol rehabilitation centres in Mumbai.

Social media is a great platform for socialising and networking and maintaining relationships. But if we have too much of a ‘good’ thing, it can become less of a blessing and more of a curse. Like everything else that brings you pleasure, don’t allow social media to take charge of your life. Don’t let it turn you into a helpless addict.

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