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Treatment plan for alcohol addiction

Treatment plan for alcohol addiction

Alcohol addicts lead an extremely debilitating lifestyle. Opting to wean out alcoholism is a choice very few have, let alone afford. However this a myth that needs to change. Help is available and it isn’t as uncommon as one might assume. There are a number of alcohol rehabilitation centres in Mumbai. Sunshine wellness centre is known for its specialized treatment plan that caters to the specific needs of those suffering from severe, almost crippling alcohol addiction.

Here’s a brief of what goes on in the alcohol rehabilitation centres in Mumbai


  1. The assessment stage

Every alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai conducts an in-depth assessment of the patient’s current condition. The severity of the condition, the extent of dependency and the impact it has had so far. In most cases, if not all, it results in loss of a sound personal and professional life. Not only does it impact the physical wellbeing but generally also has a huge impact on the mental wellbeing of an individual. The assessment stage is a critical driver of what the next steps will be.

  1. Detox stage

The detox stage is the next logical stage post-assessment. The patient is taken off alcohol and is kept under observation. In most cases the patient starts showing the withdrawal symptoms with 3-5 hours, however, this varies on a case to case basis. In a few severe cases, it has been observed that individuals can be victims of seizures and other medical conditions.  Hence constant observation is important for these patients

  1. Behavioural Therapy

When it comes to addiction, it all boils down to toxic patterns. It becomes important to understand the root cause of these patterns and how to circumvent in successfully. Breaking these patterns and overriding them with positive pro-health behaviour traits is the only way of being for addicts. It prevents relapse, helps in sobriety. Usually, there are emotional roots to which most addictions derive strength from.

  1. Understanding alcoholism

Once the patient is out of these self-harming addictive patterns, it is imperative to continue learning more about alcoholism. This may prevent the patient from a probable relapse. Constantly educating yourself about the subject is the best way to effectively handle the problems that may arise post-rehab.

  1. The perfect support group

In order to stay true to the treatment, sometimes needs more than just the patient’s will power. It is a well-proven fact that patients who have a support group show better success rates than those who don’t. Hence it is always advisable to have a support group who not only encourages this journey but also checks upon and helps the patient take accountability for their actions.

Sunshine wellness centre devises a tailor-made plan for each of their patients based on the initial assessment. Hence continuing to be one of the top-notch rehabilitation centres in Mumbai. Sunshine wellness centre offers de-addiction plans for various vices such as drug addiction, alcohol addiction, substance abuse etc. Explore the sunshine wellness website to know more.

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