Tips to save your child from the vicious grip of Addiction

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Is your child suffering with Addiction? Here is what you should do.

“Addiction does not devastate only the addicted but the whole family”. Any kind of addiction can have alarming effects on a person’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. Nowadays, we see so many young adults afflicted with the symptoms of substance abuse. Looking at their daily battle can be very terrifying and maddening for their family. The hopelessness increases when they fail to provide support to the child without permitting substance abuse.

An exasperated parent may give in and fulfil the addicted child’s unreasonable demands. If not, it causes bitterness in the relationship as the child’s addiction may pose severe emotional and financial problems for the family. This is when rehabilitation programs can be of help. You can visit any of the rehab centers in Mumbai or your nearest location to seek professional help.

How to detect if your child is suffering from an addiction?

When a young adult moves out of home, parents may not be able to keep track of his or her activities or lifestyle. It is natural for the parents to fear that the child may get into wrong company and become a victim of addictions in view of daily stresses that he or she might face. However, there are ways to identify if your child is doing substance abuse.

If your child is addicted, you will notice mood swings, personality changes such as lack of interest in things that he or she used to love before, emotional outbursts, and/or anxiety and lethargy.

Further, you may notice a sudden weight loss, lustreless skin, bloodshot eyes and nose bleeds. You may also observe an odd behaviour, irresponsible attitude, seclusion and frequent demands for money.

However, before jumping to any conclusion or visiting a rehabilitation centre, it would be better to rule out any other cause of such behavior. Also, you must talk with your child about your concern. A loving and frank approach to the issue can help your child to confess. Initially, your child may reject your help but eventually he or she may relent and agree to undergo a rehabilitation program. Your love and support will help your child to confront the problem and provide motivation for a change.

How to help an Addicted Young Adult

You cannot help a young adult alone when he or she is suffering from addiction. There are several things that you need to keep in mind while helping your struggling child.

  • Take help of an expert. There are several rehab centers in Mumbai and nationwide that offer professional help with addiction recovery programs.
  • First help yourself. It is important that you should be emotionally and psychologically fit to handle your addicted child. If not, first seek professional help to deal with your own emotional struggles.
  • Don’t cross boundaries. It is important to make your child realise that he or she cannot manipulate you. Set firm rules especially when it comes to giving money.
  • Let your child face it. Do not protect your child if he or she does something wrong. Let them suffer the consequences of their actions.
  • Don’t give unnecessary assistance. Let your child deal with his or her problems. You only need to provide guidance, resources, or any supportive means for him or her to achieve a goal. For example, let them cook their own meal. If you give money to buy food, they may misuse it to buy drugs.
  • Remember you cannot cure your child. Substance abuse problem is not easy to deal with. It is caused by several factors affecting a young adult. In such cases, it is natural for parents to blame themselves of poor upbringing. Rather than blaming yourself, focus on measures that can be used to help your child. Consider visiting a rehab centre.

So, if you know a young adult in your family or otherwise, who is suffering from addiction, seek help from professionals to help them. Visit any of rehab centers in Mumbai or nearby you. You may also reach out to us at Sunshine Wellness Centre to know about our drug rehabilitation programmes. Allow us to help your child overcome his or her struggle with addiction.

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