Alcohol Rehabilitation

Pull your loved one out of the quicksand of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a commonly known issue in individuals around us. With a large population and several socio-economic issues in India, the stress level of an individual is so high that alcohol and other substance abuse have increased at an alarming rate. But, how do you tell an alcoholic from a casual drinker? Generally, when you visualise an alcoholic, the first thing that comes to mind is a problematic individual with an unreasonable attitude.

However, alcohol affects individuals in different ways, which is why, alcoholism also takes different forms. To understand whether or not a person is an Alcoholic and in need of alcohol rehabilitation, it is important to know the various signs of alcoholism. This may help you to identify the problem at an early stage.

  • The most common issue indicating Alcoholism that may make you think of approaching an alcohol rehabilitation centre is secretive behaviour. An individual struggling with the problem of alcoholism will try to hide from others and demand privacy at all times. They will drink in isolation and try to hide liquor at places that are hidden from public view such as garage, under the bed, inside vehicles, etc. In such cases, the individual needs alcohol rehabilitation. Visit any of the nearest alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai or anywhere nearby.
  • Further, the individual starts making excuses for drinking excessive alcohol such as strained interpersonal relationships, health issues, work related stresses, etc. Such an individual must seek help from an expert by visiting an alcohol rehabilitation centre.
  • Another thing you may notice is that the individual starts exhibiting sudden mood swings. There is irritability, unreasonable attitude, aggressiveness and a very erratic behavior. This is when the individual needs to visit an alcohol rehabilitation centre for proper counselling and treatment.

There are many popular alcohol rehabilitation centres in Mumbai and all over India where experts provide guidance and treatment to struggling individuals. As mentioned earlier, alcohol affects every individual differently. So, it is imperative to identify the different types of Alcoholics.

  1. Young Adults in the age group of 20 to 25 are often seen struggling with alcoholism. They generally resort to excess drinking splurges leading to major health issues. Statistical studies show a high prevalence of Alcoholism in this age group.
  2. Middle aged individuals in their 40s resort to drinking alcohol almost every other day. These are functional alcoholics because despite of routine drinking, they are capable of performing their daily activities with reasonable normalcy. But, they gradually become more dependent on alcohol and eventually their ability to perform their duties begins to deteriorate.
  3. Statistically, a major portion of Alcoholic individuals become victims of alcoholism due to familial connections. Some close family member who is already an alcoholic, victimises another family member, usually a teenager to begin drinking casually and then more often. About 18% of individuals belong to the familial alcoholics with an average age of about 38 years.
  4. Severe form of alcoholism is seen to prevail in fewer people, about 9% of alcoholic population. However, it is the most serious of all types since it may begin at a very tender age of 16 years. Severe alcoholism is more prevalent in men over 38 years who may also be suffering from some type of mental illness.

Steps for Treatment and Recovery from Alcoholism

Once you have identified an individual suffering from alcoholism, the next step is to seek professional treatment. Since, alcoholism comes with a lot of behavioral issues, it may be difficult at first to convince an alcoholic to undergo alcohol rehabilitation. However, with the help of an expert, the individual will be able to combat alcoholism more effectively. You can approach any of the popular alcohol rehabilitation centres in Mumbai or all over India.

At Sunshine Wellness Centre, we provide quality counselling and effective alcohol rehabilitation programs based on individual requirements. We provide a homely and pleasant atmosphere for a smooth and comfortable recovery process. So, don’t let alcoholism deteriorate your life. Reach out to us and take the first step towards recovery.

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