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I trusted my heart and it led me to wine

And now I can dream but cannot sleep

In a life full of innumerable stress, people tend to find solace in alcohol and drugs. Despite of knowing the eminent risks of such substances, people fail to understand that long-term abuse of these substances may eventually impair their sleep as well. It has also been observed that due to certain traditional practices, some people drink before eating food while some people prefer to drink alcohol at night to get a relaxed sleep. This is not good habit and if you are one of them, please do seek help from your nearest rehabilitation centres in Mumbai or in India.

Alcohol induced Sleep

Studies have shown that limited consumption of alcohol before bedtime does help to get to sleep faster. However, that sleep is unsatisfactory, as sleep induced by alcohol disturbs the normal deep-sleep Rapid Eye Movement (REM) cycles. Since years researchers have been trying to comprehend the effects of alcohol on sleep. Research indicates that high doses of alcohol leads to disturbance in sleep and eventually insomnia. This in turn affects the performance of an individual at work.

The NIH National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states people with insomnia may benefit from small doses of alcohol to get sleep. However, this is short lasting as the body starts to build tolerance to alcohol and the sedative effect wears off later. So, they gradually increase the quantity of alcohol to get back the sedative effect, but this will lead to a harmful state of addiction. Individuals resorting to such alcohol abuse are advised to seek help from the nearest rehab centres in Mumbai or India for consultation and treatment.

Drugs induced Sleep

Using Illicit Drugs

Several illegal drugs such as marijuana may also affect your sleep. The effects on sleep may vary from moderate to heavy consumption, leading to irregular sleep cycle and alteration of dreams.

Drugs such as stimulants may also lead to long-term health problems that may make it even more difficult to sleep. They tend to affect the normal circadian rhythms and lead to suppression of normal sleep. Long term drug usage may cause persistent sleep disorders and constant lethargy. If you are a victim of such drug abuse, kindly approach the nearest rehab centres in India to get relief from addiction.

Using Medical Drugs

Some legal drug substances may also cause sleep problems. Studies indicate that the effects of prescribed drugs are usually revealed through clinical observation rather than sleep studies. Chances are that the consumer may take a prescribed drug in larger quantity and more often. Also, it may be taken by another person to whom the drug was not prescribed.

Studies have provided a list of drugs including antidepressants, pain killers, antipsychotics, narcotics, antidepressants, etc. that may lead to sleep problems. Individuals who feel dependent on such substances and are habituated to misusing them, must consult any rehabilitation centres in Mumbai at the earliest.

Further, drugs such as sleeping pills pose a greater danger since people use them to modulate their sleep cycles. This leads to dependence and tends to worsen sleep problems instead of correcting the main cause of sleeplessness. Later, the person will not be able to rest without taking sleeping pills.

In short, if taken judiciously, some drugs can be beneficial and helpful in case of sleep disorders. However, it s important to understand the difference between minimal usage and excessive dependency. Drug abuse can indeed worsen the sleep problems and in turn affect your intellectual abilities and social life at large. So, if you or your dear one is suffering from insomnia as a bad effect of alcohol or drug abuse, contact your nearest rehab centres in India.

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