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Effects of a Parent’s Alcoholism on a Child

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I am not an addict, but a victim of someone’s addiction

This is the plight of a child with one or both parents suffering from alcohol addiction. Such a child lives with a mask on his/her face. On the surface everything seems fine. The family seems to be living normally with the everyday routine. However, this normalcy of life is merely a façade for hiding the more serious situation at home.

Rather than facing the abuse daily, it is better to contact any detoxification centres in Mumbai or nearby you. Some of the best detox centres in India provide great support to children facing abuse from alcoholic parents.

Dealing with Alcoholic Parents

Living with an alcoholic parent requires a lot of patience. You may acquire the survival instinct and the nerve to cope with the situation. You may even decide to avoid public events such as Parent-Teacher meetings or your Convocation. This is because you may feel that it is more important to save yourself from embarrassment in case your parent might create a scene.

You may be able to handle the difficult situations at home. However, it is always good to confide in someone about your situation. Talk to a close friend, teacher, or neighbour. You can also consult an expert at a detoxification centre. There are several detoxification centres in Mumbai and all over India. Sometimes, just having someone to approach in need of help is very reassuring.

“Silence is a great Peacemaker” – Henry Wadsworth

Silence can save you. It is your best defence during an ongoing drunken outburst from your parent. If you remain silent, your parent will not subject you to the constant arguments and abusive statements. Keep quiet and focus on your studies and enjoy your other activities, rather than becoming a confidant or consoler. This may end the torment sooner. In case the situation goes out of hand, seek help from any detoxification centres in India that are nearby your home.

In some cases, you may be forced by parents to remain silent to keep their alcohol addiction a secret. They may prohibit you from socialising with your friends. You may have to deter your friends from coming to your house by making up excuses. You may have to avoid important events of your school or other activities under the pretext of parent’s illness or other commitments.

All these defensive tactics may prevent others from interfering with your family situation. However, it is not advisable to victimise yourself. It can demoralise you and affect your studies and work. Handling an alcoholic is a big responsibility and so, it is better to approach any of the detoxification centres in Mumbai or nearby you.

Storms don’t last forever

Yes, just like storms pass and give way to sunshine, similarly, alcoholics also tend to have better days. They come out of their drunken stupor and understand how strong and good you are in handling matters without their support.

This is the opportunity for you to be with them and enjoy the moment. Try to make your parents do some simple things such as buying groceries, cleaning up, or playing some games so that they feel happy and you can enjoy their company. The best way to help your parent is to intervene and prevent them from drinking alcohol. However, you must not do so all by yourself. Seek help from trustworthy family members, friends, or professionals who can handle the emotional outbursts during an intervention.

You must first formulate a plan of action in coordination with your trustworthy interventionists. This is a process that will take time and you need to do follow up. Even if your parents refuse to undergo a recovery program, you must attend the program for your family to help them. So, approach any of the detoxification centres in Mumbai or anywhere near you and seek professional help.

Sunshine Wellness Centre is one of the best detox centres in India where experts help individuals to cope with addiction by giving effective consultation and therapy based on a comprehensive rehabilitation program, ensuring long-term recovery.

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